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Show us what you’ve got!

Fly the fastest times and qualify for the DCL Draft Selection 2019.

The best out of 200 top pilots worldwide will be invited to our Draft Selection Event on the 23rd & 24th of February in Cannes (France) and get the chance to be picked by one of the DCL Teams and compete in the real-world DCL 2019 season, the greatest Drone Racing Series in the world!

The qualification will end on the 16th of February.

Draft Ranking

1. FPRDAN 02:36.966
2. AK 02:38.337
3. Headsupfpv 02:38.934
4. Singularity 02:40.006
5. DarKex 02:40.115
6. RagingCanadian 02:40.290
7. MoMo100 02:42.064
8. ethanFPV 02:42.420
9. RaiToR 02:42.477
10. RST_FPV 02:42.489
11. Nickwasp - kidzkorner 02:42.796
12. DolmaFPV 02:42.840
13. Chief 02:42.947
14. Randbrand - kidzkorner 02:42.975
15. TOPE - Spinfast Racing 02:43.300
16. VIPA - Spinfast Racing 02:43.392
17. KPV 02:43.630
18. Dane Grace - APEX 02:44.125
19. AJ FPV 02:44.534
20. HolyHavok 02:44.562
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How it works

To take part in the DCL Draft Selection 2019, you need to register in the game.

The Ranking System is based on your performance as a pilot in online and offline races, in comparison with the relative skill of other Pilots. To collect Ranking Points, you need to fly on a specific collection of Tracks: the DCL Draft Selection Tracks.

The 200 best pilots worldwide will be invited to the
DCL Draft Selection Event in Cannes (France).

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The draft event

The DCL Draft Selection Event will be in February 2019 and allow virtual pilots to show their skills and their performance in a public event.

At the end of the DCL Draft Selection Tournament, each real-world DCL Team will recruit some of the virtual pilots, to join their team in the following DCL season.

In this selection process, the slowest DCL Team of the previous season can select first and further till the fastest team selects the pilots at the end.